Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order?


What are the delivery times?

Your meals will be delivered from 2am-4pm on your selected delivery day, you will receive a notification via email when they arrive.

How will the meals be delivered?

Your meals will be delivered fresh in a sealed, insulated and recyclable cardboard box complete with gel ice packs and a thermal liner to keep your meals cool for up to 8 hours, or until you’re ready to stash them in your fridge. The box is also sealed with security tape. If this is broken or has been tampered with please contact us immediately without opening.

Do I have to be home for delivery?

If the delivery is made to a residential house, we can leave the delivery at a pre-designated spot*. If the delivery is to an apartment complex, someone will need to be at home to accept the delivery or let us know in the additional info section of your order where you would like us to leave it at your own risk.

*If you have any special delivery instructions please add them to the Additional Info section when placing your order.

Is there a cost for delivery?

Yes, a $10-$15 (depending on your location) delivery charge will be added at checkout.

Can I pick my meals up?

Yes only from our pick up locations - Warehouse Fitness Wollongong

Why are my performance meals overweight eg: Beef meatballs / chicken satay etc?

We always give you the exact cooked protein weight then add our sauce, rest assured the sauces are included in your macros.

Where should I keep the meals?

Meals should be kept in a fridge once delivery package has been opened.

How long do the meals stay fresh before expiry?

Most will keep fresh for up to 7 days (we recommend eating salads & yoghurt cups etc within 5 days) Most meals can also be frozen for up to 8 weeks.

How do I reheat my meals?

Meals can be reheated in a microwave, frypan or oven, but please refer to packaging for further info.

Is there any dairy in any of your meals?

No, all of our meals are dairy free.

Can I cancel my order?

Only if you cancel before midnight Tuesday of that week.

How do I contact Live Fit Nutrition?

Message us on facebook/instagram messenger or email us at

Do you do challenge meals?

Yes, however we only offer challenge meals to personal trainers and gyms. Ask your PT and/or gym owner to contact us for some amazing packages.

How do my meals stay fresh?

We seal our meals using Modified Atmosphere packaging, this process removes oxygen from the meals and allows the product to stay fresh naturally for as long as possible.

Is all the packaging recyclable?

Yes, Our cardboard box is 100% recyclable. Simply pop it in your yellow kerbside bin so they can live on.

In addition to keeping your meals fresh for longer, our thermal liners are recyclable and suitable for depositing at soft plastic collection points across Australia. Simply place meal containers into your yellow kerbside bin. Recycle the vacuum seal film with soft plastics at supermarket collection points across Australia. The cardboard meal sleeve is also recyclable, so pop it in your yellow kerbside bin.

How do I dispose of the gel packs?

The liquid contents of the gel packs* can be poured down the drain by simply adding a tablespoon of salt, shaking to mix until watery and emptied into the drain. Alternatively, the gel packs can be added to your garden bed as the sodium polyacrylate can help soil to effectively retain water.

*The gel packs that keep your food cool are non-toxic and environmentally safe.



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